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VOMODO SplitSolid™ Technology is a mobile video broadcast device that can be used anywhere, anytime to transmit broadcast quality video stream from a wide variety of cameras, for live broadcast on television or for live Internet video streaming. Think of it as a live truck in a backpack. The VOMODO 2500 BackPack delivers quality video while walking on city streets, skiing at ski resorts, flying in a plane or helicopter, or cruising at 70 mph on a motorcycle.
• 12 pounds
Video Input:
• HD or SD, SDI or Firewire, 4:3 or 16:9
• Adjustable: Less then five (5) seconds to thirty (30) seconds
Video Bandwidth:
• Adjustable: 200 kbps – 4,000 kbps (auto throttle maintains best available bandwidth depending on cellular conditions)
Video Resolution:
• 4:3 or 16:9, 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 720 x 480, HD 720, HD 1080i
Video from VOMODO Cloud:
• H264 Flash Video Stream; 350 kbs – 4,000 kbs
Video Output from Ensemble Designs Mitto:
• Composite, SD SDI, and HD SDI
Air Cards:
• Four (4) to six (6) cell network air cards at one time from multiple carriers
• Two (2) IDX Endura or Anton Bauer Broadcast Batteries - Hot swappable for continuous operation
• Two (2) IDX E7s batteries = 2.5 hours of operation
• Two (2) IDX E10s batteries = 4.5 hours of operation
Power Consumption:
• 40 Watts while not streaming
• 65 Watts streaming at 2,000 kbs resolution
AC Power:
• Four-pin XLR 11-16 volts / 80 Watts
Demonstrated Temperature Conditions:
• -15° F – 105° F
Demonstrated Weather Conditions:
• Snowing
• Moderate rain (over 3.5 hours continuous)
Demonstrated Operation:
• On a motorcycle traveling at 70 mph (over 50 miles)
• Skiing (over 1.5 hours continuous)
• In airplane or helicopter below 400 feet /120 meters
• Cellular challenged conditions (over 2 hours continuous)
• ENG crews handling in breaking news environments
Radio Frequency (RF) Safety: • Less then three percent (3%) of FCC allowable levels
Vomodo backpack

Radio Frequency Safety vid: 
SplitSolid™ Technology ensures a solid video stream in even the most adverse conditions by throttling the bit rate to adapt to different environments. VOMODO has successfully provided mobile video transmitting services for Comcast, ABC, CBS, FOX, Guatevision, Canal 25, TV Azteca and Comcast networks covering breaking news stories and live sporting events. The VOMODO 2500 BackPack with SplitSolid™ Technology will change the way we gather video and experience live events for future generations.