Mark Smith
Mark H. Smith – President & Founder
Twenty-five years experience in network broadcast journalism as a producer, director of photography and editor. In 1988 Mark was awarded a fellowship at NYU Graduate School of Journalism and has worked for IBM, Microsoft and AVID developing interactive technologies using touch screen and DVD-based systems. Mark has worked in the broadcasting, electronics and aviation industries designing and building systems for many applications.

  Pete Raustein
Pete Raustein – CEO
Over twenty years of business and technology leadership experience across a variety of industries – high-tech manufacturing, consumer products, financial services – gives Pete the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to guide VOMODO's day-to-day activities. Pete has lead significant organizational and operational development efforts focused on increasing effectiveness and overall efficiency. Pete has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Lewis & Clark College and an MBA from George Fox University.

  Matthew Arkse
Matthew Arksey – R&D / Product Development
Principal at Arksey Design, LLC and a skilled industrial designer, Matthew is the chief designer of the VMD-2500 BackPack antennae "deck. Matthew has extensive experience in the cellular and mobility industry with various organizations…. Matthew and Mark have been working closely over the past three years to perfect the design, reliability and commercialization of VOMODO's products.

  Doug Bertran
Doug Bertran – Marketing & Supply Chain
Doug has twenty-five years experience as an executive producing award winning productions for National Geographic Television & Film, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS Nova, BBC and others. Doug is an energetic, entrepreneurial leader skilled in communications, financial, and management capabilities. Doug has produced hundreds of hours of television throughout the world.

  Peter Barnes
Peter Barnes – Advisory Board
Co-Founder and Principal of Clatter&Din, Inc., one of the west coast's top post-production facilities, Peter was the first in his field to embrace web-based distribution of broadcast media with the inception of his co-founded company, Central Media Inc., and the SpotTaxi distribution system. Central Media is now part of DGFastchannel, the nation's leader for the distribution and tracking of Radio, Television and Print advertising.